If anyone ever tells you mothering is easy, they’ve never been a mother.  Whether you have 1 or 12 children, there are challenges that arise and life never goes as expected.  Every child has unique gifts and talents as well as struggles and challenges.  Discovering who they are begins with us as moms.  What a opportunity we have to impart knowledge and life into these little people.  It’s scary too!  What if I do it wrong and mess everything up?  Will my child be scarred for life?  Will they ever become mature adults?  These and so many more questions run through my mind on a regular basis.  But one thing I have learned is this:

Love them for who they are and they will thrive.

We all make mistakes.  We aren’t perfect.  But as we love them fully with an unconditional love, our children will thrive.  A loving home doesn’t mean I never yell at my kids, because I do. It doesn’t mean my house is always clean, because mine definitely isn’t.  It doesn’t mean my kids always have a healthy, home cooked meal. There are definitely days that we order pizza or chinese takeout.  A loving home is one where my children feel safe and can be who they are.  They can explore life and take risks.  It means that when they mess up, they know that there are loving arms to curl up in even if they are disciplined.  A safe home is what I desire most for my children.  Then I can watch them thrive.

Here you will find all my posts that have anything to do with mothering.  Check them out.  Feel free to laugh, to cry, to savor life.  Leave me a comment if you like.  Join me on this journey of being a mother who loves!

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All is Quiet


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