Something to offer

As I was driving home last night from a visit to grandma’s house an hour away, the van was quiet.  All three kids were sleeping and I was left with my thoughts.  Since I became a mom, I have had very few responsibilities outside the home.  I can sometimes become overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising 3 small children 4 years old  and under and with another one on the way in May, it is easy to think that any other responsibilities would be overwhelming.  I was thinking about my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and several moms I look up to and follow on their blogs, faithfully gleaning as much information and encouragement from them as possible. I watch them lead our MOPS group and think that they are much more qualified for this role than I am.

As I thought of all these things, God gently reminded me that the moms I look up to so much and glean from are just moms like me.  They don’t have a PhD in Mommyhood or a college degree or anything validating them as a mom.  Some of them may be doctors or teachers and have had schooling for those degrees, but no degree really prepares you to be a mom.  These moms I look up to so much have the same, or similar, experiences I do.  It’s the everyday experiences of caring for growing kiddos, the potty training woes, the temper tantrums in the grocery store, and the uptight, strong-willed three year old.  These are the best teachers and while I can glean ideas and methods of raising my kids from other moms and from professionals, I have something to offer to those in my community. Instead of learning and gleaning like a leech, it’s time for me to take some steps to give back to the other moms around me.  Be encouraged moms, you too have something to offer.  You have experiences no other mom has and wisdom to share.  What are ways that we as moms can share the wisdom we have gained with each other?


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