As a mom of three small children, my home has a tendency to become very cluttered.  A post on another mom’s site at simple mom inspired me to tackle those shelves and drawers and counter tops that always seem to become a catch-all.  So, I ventured into my bedroom, which I have been wanting to organize for weeks.  Every time I walk into it, I think “oh, this is such a mess!” Here are my before and after pictures.


This is my dresser.  Unfortunately, it seems like my bedroom is the last place to ever be cleaned because nobody except me and my family ever see it.


Then there is the bookshelf in my room.



Decluttering the dresser and bookshelf inspired me to deep clean and organize the whole room.  Now, my bedroom is a calming place to be rather than a source of stress. Thanks simple mom for inspiring me straighten those catch all areas.


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