All is quiet

Ahhh…it’s 8:30 pm and all three kids are happily tucked into bed and quiet.  My husband is sleeping too.  It’s been a rather stressful week fighting stomach bugs and the flu.  Every one of us was or is sick and yesterday, all of us were sick at the same time. Last night, I thought I was going to go crazy when, at supper time, I spent about 15 minutes making sure everyone had what they needed while constantly being whined at with “Mommy, I need…” or “I WANT MILKY!” or “My legs hurt” “More chicken.” Everyone was finished with their supper before I ever sat down to take a bite.  Sometimes I wish there were 5 of me. One to cuddle and care for each of my 4 sickos (big ones and little ones) and one to sleep off the flu myself.

This morning when the cuddling and caregiving to sick little ones (and my husband) continued, I was reminded that the time I have with my kids is short in the grand scheme of things.  And although I have 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, 3 to be put away, bathrooms to be cleaned and sanitized because of stomach bugs, and dirty dishes lining the counter, I can’t wish these days away.  Soon, my little ones will be all grown up. Yes, they may all be under 4 now and it is hard to keep after them, but someday I will want these days back.  I don’t want to look back on them and wish I had sat and cuddled my little girl and read her a book when she didn’t feel good or held my baby more when her teeth hurt.  The dishes and laundry, bathrooms and floors can wait.  My little ones and the bonds I create with them in the cuddling are more important!


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