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As a mom of three small children, my home has a tendency to become very cluttered.  A post on another mom’s site at simple mom inspired me to tackle those shelves and drawers and counter tops that always seem to become a catch-all.  So, I ventured into my bedroom, which I have been wanting to organize for weeks.  Every time I walk into it, I think “oh, this is such a mess!” Here are my before and after pictures.


This is my dresser.  Unfortunately, it seems like my bedroom is the last place to ever be cleaned because nobody except me and my family ever see it.


Then there is the bookshelf in my room.



Decluttering the dresser and bookshelf inspired me to deep clean and organize the whole room.  Now, my bedroom is a calming place to be rather than a source of stress. Thanks simple mom for inspiring me straighten those catch all areas.


All is quiet

Ahhh…it’s 8:30 pm and all three kids are happily tucked into bed and quiet.  My husband is sleeping too.  It’s been a rather stressful week fighting stomach bugs and the flu.  Every one of us was or is sick and yesterday, all of us were sick at the same time. Last night, I thought I was going to go crazy when, at supper time, I spent about 15 minutes making sure everyone had what they needed while constantly being whined at with “Mommy, I need…” or “I WANT MILKY!” or “My legs hurt” “More chicken.” Everyone was finished with their supper before I ever sat down to take a bite.  Sometimes I wish there were 5 of me. One to cuddle and care for each of my 4 sickos (big ones and little ones) and one to sleep off the flu myself.

This morning when the cuddling and caregiving to sick little ones (and my husband) continued, I was reminded that the time I have with my kids is short in the grand scheme of things.  And although I have 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, 3 to be put away, bathrooms to be cleaned and sanitized because of stomach bugs, and dirty dishes lining the counter, I can’t wish these days away.  Soon, my little ones will be all grown up. Yes, they may all be under 4 now and it is hard to keep after them, but someday I will want these days back.  I don’t want to look back on them and wish I had sat and cuddled my little girl and read her a book when she didn’t feel good or held my baby more when her teeth hurt.  The dishes and laundry, bathrooms and floors can wait.  My little ones and the bonds I create with them in the cuddling are more important!