Adjustable AIO diaper

My sister called me the other day and asked me to make her some AIO diapers for nighttime or when she is away as her husband has yet to change a diaper since they switched to cloth.  She wanted something that fastened with velcro, was simple to use, the size could be adjusted as baby grows, and had adjustable absorbancy.  So, I created this diaperImage

This is shown on the smallest setting.  It has adjustable snaps on the cover for four size settings with a TouchTape closure.


A double layer of PUL increases the durability. 


The sewn in soaker of 2 layers of flannel and 3 layers of microfiber are hidden by a flannel pocket so absorbancy can be increased with extra layers.  The pocket opens in both the front and the back so the added layers can agitate themselves out in the wash. It also has added leg gussets to help keep in messes.  This diaper is so much better than the diapers I began with in the first days of my cloth diapering. I just with it wouldn’t take so long to dry. 

All-in-ones with sewn in soakers only get airflow from one side as the waterproof PUL covers one side of the soaker.  It took three times through the dryer to be completely dry.  I wouldn’t want to do that on a regular basis as it will break down the PUL and the elastic rather quickly.  When I line dried it, (keep in mind it is the middle of the winter and I had to hang it inside most of the time) it took 2 days inside and 1 day outside before it was dry. But all in all, I was rather impressed by the outcome of this diaper.


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